About us

STREAMZFOOD LTD. was established in 2001 and is run by Mr.Yasser Adam, who is a civil engineer and Mrs. Azza Ahmed Zaki. Mr. Adam has got an immense experience in marble industry after receiving a Civil Engineering degree in Egypt.


Hotels and Restaurants


StreamzFood has been trading since 1992 and over the past 24 years has established itself as a major supplier to hotels and restaurants.

Offering free delivery throughout the week, we give our customers complete confidence in our service and quality.

Locally sourced meats are our mainstay, with full traceability from the farm to your plate.  Halal certified products are available and imported specialist meat such as Australian Wagyu Beef, Australian grain Fed Beef and American Grain Fed Beef.

Schools And Colleges


Supplying schools and colleges throughout Essex and London, StreamzFood Meats expertise and experience in this market is second to none.  Products include a large range of free range fresh meat as well as halal certified products. Trusted by  our customers to provide the best quality we are a preferred choice for new school and college customers.

Restaurant Pubs and Bistros


Pub restaurants, gastro pubs and bistros have seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years and with it, the demand for higher quality meat supplies. StreamzFood Meats supplies pub and restaurants throughout London and Essex; and the market is growing along with StreamzFood reputation.  We also supply bistros and independent owners who require prime quality fresh meat and deli products to maintain their own high quality services.

Nursing and care homes

Nursing and care homes have been one of StreamzFood markets since the business began back in 1992.  This market has grown significantly over the last 20 years, and with a huge rise in the ageing population it is expected to increase even more.  As a trusted, specialist supplier we ensure that the meat products are of the healthiest and  highest quality available.   Fresh meat with full traceability is vital for our clients and we maintain our high standards for all our customers.